Gender-based Violence

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Refugee women are extremely vulnerable to sexual assault and exploitation, including rape. Prevention of sexual violence, services for survivors and access to sexual and reproductive health care is critical in crisis situations when vulnerabilities are drastically increased.

Refugee women have the right to live free from the constant threat of violence and exploitation and survivors must have access to services. Reproductive health is essential for them to maintain their dignity and rebuild their lives.

We advocate for measures to protect at-risk populations and to ensure survivors’ access to medical care including: emergency contraception, postexposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection and psychosocial counseling. This minimum level of care should be available from the earliest stages of a humanitarian crisis.

Sexual Violence Project

The Women's Refugee Commission is currently leading a three-year project on sexual violence against boys and men in the context of conflict and forced migration. The project also explores the impact of this violence on the lives of women and girls.