Women in Nepal

Our Impact

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Led international efforts and made reproductive health a humanitarian priority

  • We were among the first to recognize that displaced women and girls in conflict- and disaster-affected areas had a dire need for reproductive health services. 

Documented and created mechanisms to reduce the separation of families and threat to parental rights due to immigration detention and enforcement

  • We led non-governmental organization efforts to identify the costs to society and endangerment of children caused by the detention of parents without mechanisms to ensure that they could continue to communicate and make care arrangements for their children.  Following the publication of our report Torn Apart By Immigration Enforcement and advocacy efforts, the Department of Homeland Security issued a Parental Interest Directive that provides guidelines to limit the use of detention for primary caregivers, allows for communication with children, and provides mechanisms for arranging care, attending family court hearings and making travel arrangements for children.  As a result we saw significantly fewer cases of family separation and child endangerment due to immigration enforcement.

Raised awareness of the needs of refugees and displaced persons with disabilities

  • We published the first-ever global research report on disabilities among refugees and those affected by conflict.
  • We worked with disability organizations to promote equal access and full participation of individuals with disabilities globally.

Advocated and advanced the protection of women and children in conflict settings with the passage of two critical UN Security Council Resolutions

Focused international attention on the need for safe access to cooking fuel

  • With our leadership, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s SAFE Task Force produced the first-ever global guidance documents on implementing safe access to firewood and alternative cooking fuels in humanitarian settings.

Helped displaced women support themselves with high quality and safe livelihood programs

  • We published the first comprehensive manual to guide humanitarian practitioners as they design work programs for displaced and refugee women.